About the Immix Group

“What do our clients want? They want to take care of their employees, and they want to understand their program and how their dollars are spent. When it comes to working with our clients, we consider ourselves an extension of their HR and finance team. We believe in clear communication, complete transparency, and above all, a shared understanding of the goals of the benefits program.”



About the Immix Group

The Immix Group was created specifically to handle employee benefits programs. Founder Anthony Ciccone has had a long and successful career as an investment, insurance, and estate and succession planning advisor.

In the course of this work, Anthony helps companies develop their financial strategies, including the all-important benefit programs. Anthony recognized the need for more specialization – the need for a separate, independent company with an exclusive focus on benefits.

Employee benefit plans are an integral aspect in recruiting and retaining quality employees.

At The Immix Group, we help companies of all sizes determine the employee benefits program that best meets the requirements of the business.

Working with the industry’s major insurance providers, our focus is on innovative strategies and long term cost containment.  As business owners know, government cutbacks in health care and employee utilization trends have traditionally lead to steadily increasing employee benefit costs. It is our goal at the Immix Group to anticipate these cost-driving factors, and to implement innovative solutions that do not compromise the quality of the benefits program.

It is our role to truly understand the details your plan coverage design and financial structure, so that if your needs change, we will be able to help you adapt your plan accordingly.