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Health & Wellness benefits at your fingertips!


In an effort to offer our clients the latest in health and wellness products, the Immix Group is pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with League!

League is the best in digital benefits. Unlike traditional providers, League brings health, fitness and wellness together to make for a healthy, happy workplace. What sets League apart is it’s customizable, consumer-first model, where employees pick the plan that’s right for them. It’s flexible, digital and exactly what the next generation of employees are looking for from their workplace.

Health and Wellness Options with League:

Health Spending Account: Employers set a defined benefit for members for any CRA eligible expenses (tax-deductible)

          • Medical, dental, vision, massage chiropractor etc.

Lifestyle Spending Account: Employers set a defined benefit for members for health and wellness expenses (taxable benefits)

          • Gym memberships group classes, personal training, nutrition, life coaching, food and supplements etc.

Workplace Health Services: Health professionals provide onsite services for employees

          • Group fitness classes, health screenings and clinics, flu shot clinics, onsite massage treatments, wellness seminars etc.


Cost Control

With the League fixed contribution model, you have complete cost control and certainty, allowing you to plan effectively and eliminate year-end surprises. With League you only pay for what your employees use, and a monthly subscription fee per employee. Unlike traditional Health Spending Accounts that additionally charge an administration fee that is a percentage of claims, with League your subscription fee covers all service and processing costs, as well as access to the revolutionary digital platform.


League has created a platform that fixes all the problems and nuisances associated with current health spending account and wellness initiatives. No more confusion over covered items, tracking of employee balances or implementation costs.

The League app takes care of everything. Find health and wellness professionals, pay for services with the digital wallet, get tips from our health advisors. It's all there and more. Everything your team needs to live their best life, right at their fingertips. Say goodbye to paperwork and say hello to unprecedented convenience.

A League of Their Own

The League digital marketplace features 1,000s of services from some of the best health and wellness professionals in the business, all verified, rated and reviewed by members. Here, members can build a league of professionals that's right for them - dentists, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, dietitians and more, all ready to help them live healthier, be happier and reach their personal goals.

Call Us!

As the only employee benefits broker able to implement League in BC, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about this innovative new way to provide your employees with the healthcare and wellness coverage they really want and value.

Please call us at 604-688-5559 to learn more about League, or visit www.league.com!  



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