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League is the best in digital benefits. Unlike traditional providers, League brings health, fitness and wellness together to make for a healthy, happy workplace. What sets League apart is it’s customizable, consumer-first model, where employees pick the plan that’s right for them.


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Why Wellness?

Health & wellness programs not only help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle, they reduce stress, increase morale and boost productivity. With customized programs from League, you are empowering your employees to take the best care of their health.


Digital First

The League app takes care of everything. Find health and wellness professionals, pay for services with the digital wallet, get tips from our health advisors. It’s all there and more. Everything your team needs to live their best life, right at their fingertips.


Financial Control

With the League fixed contribution model, you have complete cost control and certainty, allowing you to plan effectively and eliminate year-end surprises. With League you only pay for what your employees use and you control premium increases.