Immix Group - Why Choose Us

What makes The Immix Group different?

There are many reasons why you should choose The Immix Group for your employee benefit solutions. Here are just a few:


The Immix Group specializes in employee benefits.
We are not generalists offering a wide spectrum of financial services. We are focused on benefits, and have a vast and ready store of knowledge to draw on to create and manage highly customized benefit programs for any company.

Our key personnel have over 80 years experience in employee benefits.
These experts know there is more than one way to structure a flexible, affordable benefits program.

We have long-standing, excellent relationships with insurers.
We understand the insurers’ products and services thoroughly, and know how to negotiate with them for the best combinations of product, service and price.

We work hard to build strong relationships by devoting the necessary time to get to know your business and its needs.
Our unique discovery process helps us find the sweet spot between the employees’ wish list and the employer’s. Our discovery process looks at the industry you are in, its demographics and trends, to help analyze what you need in an employee benefits program.

We have a program of proactive communications with clients.
This includes frequent industry updates, health and wellness education sessions, and coverage review sessions with employees and employers to explain how the benefit package works.

We ensure smooth administration and problem resolution
In implementing a benefits program for you, we ensure you are able to take advantage of the administrative systems and training programs that help a plan to run smoothly and efficiently. As well, as part of our goal to help your plan run smoothly, we will conduct an employee meeting in order to allow your staff the opportunity to have their benefits explained and their questions answered.

It is our role to ensure that you, our client, receive prompt, accurate and quality service from the insurance carriers with whom we work. We have built special relationships with many large insurance carriers in Canada, and believe that the people we work with are the best in their field.

We ensure that every step is taken to avoid potential problems from occurring, and if an undesirable situation does arise, we ensure that we are directly involved in making sure the problem is resolved to your satisfaction.

We know that controlling costs is important to our clients.
In implementing an employee benefits program, cost is a primary concern for all our clients. We strive to ensure that our clients understand the pricing of the plan, and that the annual adjustments to the rates and premiums are a true reflection of the composition of the employees and the utilization of the plan. We believe that employee benefit plan pricing should be understandable and transparent.

We believe that when it comes to pricing, the insurance company is primarily a supplier of a product; it is easy for an insurance carrier to offer low rates and premiums in the first year, and generally, they are able to accommodate the particular menu of benefits you desire. Our role goes beyond putting together the right coverage; we help you implement a plan that also utilizes long term cost-containment strategies that will keep the cost in line year after year.

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