Am I already covered for travel insurance if I have employee benefits?


99% of the time the answer is YES, you are covered for travel MEDICAL insurance.

Most, if not all, group employee benefit plans have some kind of out of country coverage for unexpected medical emergencies. For example, if you slip and break your leg in Mexico, get food poisoning in Asia, or simply visit a local clinic for a fever, all such instances would be covered.

However, things like trip cancellation or lost luggage insurance are NOT covered under the majority of plans.

Unlike individual travel insurance policies, you do not have to inform the insurance company of your travel dates, as you are covered right away when you leave Canada. Unless there is an active travel advisory or special circumstances deeming a place to be dangerous, travel to most countries is covered.

Most plans provide coverage for at least 60 days continuous travel, but the duration resets when you return to Canada. Most plans cover up to $5M per insured person, which should be sufficient, but review your policy to make sure it fits your needs.

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