For young businesses and start-ups: The best – and most revolutionary – health/wellness benefits platform


You and your business are new, fresh, forward-looking. You’re rethinking traditional workplace health benefits.


An efficient, innovative employee digital, cloud-based benefits platform may be just what you’re looking for. This new benefits platform solves the top three common complaints:

  •  – plan administrator’s management burden
  •  – annual cost increases
  •  – declined claims, non-coverage and tedious process.

The platform eliminates all of the above — and is designed for you, the tech-savvy millennial workforce.


How is this different from a typical benefits plan?

With traditional benefits plans, administration is archaic. There are a lot of logistics involved for enrollment, changes to the plan and claims coordination. And, there’s no easy access to wellness programs. Whether you are the controller, business owner or HR manager, you don’t want to be burdened with such time-consuming tasks.

This digital, cloud-basedplatform allows for intuitive, easy, convenient access for both the plan administrator (PA) and members to manage and use their benefits. With an Uber-like app, users can quickly find, book and pay for health services such as gym membership, yoga, meditation, personal trainers and so on – none of which typical benefit plans will cover.

And, using this new platform, the PA does not have to manually verify and submit members’ expenses. As a result, the platform lets you focus on your business, not on managing your benefits.


Efficient, tailored benefits

With typical benefits plans, members commonly complain that they don’t use many of the benefits or services – yet they keep getting yearly increases. Let’s face it. A company comprised mainly of young workers won’t be paying for, say, as many hearing aids or surgical stockings as a company more populated by older workers.

The new platform essentially allows employees to choose whatever health benefits they want – leading to more efficient use of benefit dollars, tailored to each employee. Contrast this option to traditional group plans, with only one schedule of benefits set at the time of application.

Furthermore, the new benefits app eliminates mail time. It provides instant claim feedback! As well, members can use the benefits right away – no need to wait for a card. Already have a personal trainer? No problem: Just upload the receipt and get it covered. Yes. It’s that easy.


More than just health benefits

The millennial generation is highly focused on illness-preventive measures, as opposed to after-the-fact remedies like drugs. For that reason, health and wellness programs are becoming ever more popular. Companies that implement such programs are seeing a significant decrease in absenteeism; and a marked increase in better morale and productivity. The new benefits platform provides built-in access for employers to coordinate wellness education sessions for employees.

We all know the stats. Healthy and well-informed workers are more productive, miss fewer days of work due to illness, and are less likely to request costly drugs down the road. Employers can jump-start these health advantages for their workforce with a platform such as this new one.


Okay, so how much does the new platform cost?

Typically, employers set aside 3-6% of each employee’s salary for a traditional benefits plan. With the new platform, instead of an administrative charge on top of claims, all you pay is a monthly subscription per employee. Furthermore, you have control over the amount of benefits provided. In other words, there will never be a renewal increase.


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